Color Vocabulary in Arabic For Male and Female

After learning lines & shapes in Arabic, you will learn colors in Arabic for male and female forms.
Color in Arabic
color in Arabic is لَوْنٌ (lawnun).

لَوْنٌ is singular, the plural of لَوْنٌ is أَلْوَانٌ (alwaanun).

أَلْوَانٌ means colors.

Colors in Arabic in male form

1. أَبْيَضُ ( abyaḍu ) means white.

2. أَسْوَدُ (aswadu) = black.

3. أَخْضَرُ (akhḍaru) = green.

4. أَحْمَرُ (aḥmaru) = red.

5. أَصْفَرُ (aṣfaru) = yellow.

6. أَزْرَقُ (azraqu) = blue.

7. أَسْمَرُ (asmaru) = brown.

Colors in Arabic in female form

1. بَيْضَاءُ (bayḍaa-u) = white.

2. سَوْدَاءُ (sawdaa-u) = black.

3. خَضْرَاءُ (khaḍraa-u) = green.

4. حَمْرَاءُ (ḥamraa-u) = red.

5. صَفْرَاءُ (ṣafraa-u) = yellow.

6. زَرْقَاءُ (zarqaa-u) = blue.

7. سَمْرَاءُ (samraa-u) = brown.

Both forms (male & female) are used for singular. I will discuss color in plural form later, in shaa Allah.

Sentence examples using color words in Arabic

1. هَذَا قَمِيْصٌ أَسْوَدُ (hadhaa qamiiṣun abyaḍu)
In English: This is a white shirt.


a. هَذَا = demonstrative pronoun for thing that near the speaker, for singular noun, and for male noun.

b. قَمِيْصٌ = a shirt. This is a male/masculine noun and singular.

c. أَسْوَدُ = singular and male form.

2. هَذِهِ حَقِيْبَةٌ سَوْدَاءُ (haadhihi ḥaqiibatun sawdaa-u)
English translation: This is a black bag.


a. هَذِهِ = demonstrative pronoun for the thing that is near the speaker, singular, and for female noun.

b. حَقِيْبَةٌ = a bag. A singular noun and female.

c. سَوْدَاءُ = singular female form.

3. عِنْدِي كُرَةٌ خَضْرَاءُ ('indii kuratun khaḍraa-u).
It means: I have a green ball.


a. عِنْدِي ('indii) means I have.

b. كُرَةٌ = a female singular noun.

c. خَضْرَاءُ = a female singular form.

4. ذَالِكَ قَلَمٌ أَسْمَرُ (dhaalika qalamun asmaru)
means: That is a brown pen.


a. ذَالِكَ = demonstrative pronoun for a thing that is far from the speaker, for singular male noun.

b. قَلَمٌ = singular male noun.

c. أَسْمَرُ = singular male form.

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