How Long Does It Take to Learn Arabic?

How Long Does It Take to Learn Arabic?

There is no magic formula, and the time it will take you to learn Arabic will depend on you and your seriousness

However, here are some guidelines to help you learn Arabic quickly:

  1. Study regularly
  2. Do not give up
  3. Find the right learning media according to your level.

Learning to speak, read, and write Arabic doesn't require as much learning as being bilingual. However, there is no fixed number of hours for you to be perfect in Arabic.

Maybe some of you will choose to learn Spanish or German which is considered easier. However, it is true that you can learn Arabic through Spanish (a Romance language), because of its historical proximity.

The Iberian Peninsula (i.e., Spain and Portugal) and Septimania (now the Languedoc region of France) were conquered by the Omayyad Caliphate (an Arab dynasty with roots in Muhammad) from 711 when Seville was conquered.

For more than 700 years, Islam and Arabic mixed with Spanish. Visigoths and Latinos converted to Islam, and 80% of the population was Muslim, until during the "Reconquista" and the fall of Grenada in 1492.

Spain in the Middle Ages, formerly known as Al-Andalus, assimilated various aspects of Arab culture, such as architecture, art, science, literature and language.

Thanks to the success of the Arabs from Seville to Arles, today the Spanish language contains more than 4000 Arabic words.

To learn Arabic, all you need to do is immerse yourself in its language and culture. Repeat, meditate and practice your Arabic.

A course of several weeks is not enough. You can take intensive courses to learn quickly, but it will really take you a few months to learn to read and write the Arabic alphabet properly, not to mention mastering grammar (pronouns, verbs, and sentence construction) and understanding idiomatic expressions. .

Although some deny the above, for an American or French person who wants to learn Arabic it is estimated that it will take at least 88 weeks (2200 hours) of coursework to learn to speak Arabic. On the other hand, learning French only takes about 600 hours.

The Assimil method helps students repeat and memorize simple sentences in Arabic using vocabulary and adverbs to learn step by step.

But all this daily work needs to involve learning Arabic, for example running errands, cleaning the house, reading the newspaper, listening to Moroccan or Egyptian radio, and most importantly committing at least 15 to 20 minutes to study every day.

To achieve success when learning Arabic, there are several supporting media that can be used as additional material in your learning process, including:

  1. Online videos and podcasts
  2. Arabic conversation between native speakers
  3. Books that help you complete every level (introduction to Arabic, Arabic for beginners, intermediate, to expert).
  4. Listen to a Moroccan or Egyptian singer and imagine yourself immersed in it.
  5. Enroll in a private Arabic home course, there are many ways to find a private tutor with experience teaching Arabic for adults and children of all ages. Superprof is one solution.
  6. Take an Arabic course at a language school or study Arabic in a mosque with your cleric
  7. High school or university classes - one module lasts a semester or two and can help you learn all the basics of Arabic literature (the alphabet, reading and writing Arabic letters, grammar, verbs, vocabulary and of course pronunciation).
  8. Online Arabic courses, there are a large selection of websites that offer free online courses to learn Arabic quickly
  9. Studying abroad is the best way to learn from it all. Go to Cairo or Casablanca to learn Arabic or Egyptian Darija (Moroccan Arabic)

Are you leaving for an Arabic-speaking country next month and want to learn some key Arabic phrases before you go? This is what must be done.

Can You Learn Arabic in One Month With Arabic Lessons?

Unfortunately, we generally have to say no to that. However, you can find intensive language courses in most major cities that will help you read and write a few basic Arabic phrases in one month.

Most programs offer you an optimal, intensive and fast language learning process.

At a language school specializing in Arabic, you can study:

  1. Arabic Alphabet
  2. Begin to understand the spelling and pronunciation of various Arabic letters (vowels, consonants, hamza)
  3. Learn how to write basic words in Arabic
  4. Learn to read Arabic letters
  5. Improve your Arabic vocabulary
  6. You can begin to express Arabic verbally, at least at a beginner level.

Here's a place to quickly learn Arabic:

  1. Private lessons at home, where you will start from scratch, imitate, repeat and try to talk like your private tutor. You can find native Egyptian or Moroccan speakers on the Superprof . platform
  2. online Arabic course that can help you learn fast and free. Visit Medina Online or lexilogos for more resources
  3. Studying abroad is the best way to learn Arabic in one month by taking intensive courses while living daily life completely hands-on in full Arabic. When you arrive, you have to leave your Indonesian and go out to meet local people to talk to them!
  4. Thanks to our shared history and culture, learning Arabic is much easier and time consuming than learning Hungarian, Thai or Korean!

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