7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Arabic

Many people feel that learning Arabic is not very important. Especially when compared to learning other languages ​​such as English. Each language has its advantages and benefits. Including Arabic. Ibn Taimiyah said that learning Arabic is obligatory for every Muslim. Why?

If you are still unsure and confused about why you should learn Arabic, here are 7 reasons you should know:

1. Arabic is the Symbol of Islam and Muslims

Islam was revealed in Mecca, where the majority of the population uses Arabic as the main language. Therefore, various literature and symbols of the Islamic religion use Arabic as their language. Learning Arabic can help a Muslim understand his religion better.

In addition, language itself is a form of syiar used by Islam. And language is also referred to as the best years.

2. Prayers and Dhikr are performed in Arabic

Many prayers and dhikr are recited in Arabic. Although some prayers can be converted into other languages, praying in Arabic is better and also closer to the sunnah of the previous Prophets.

However, if the prayer and dhikr are part of the prayer, they must be recited in Arabic. Most of the jurists agree that the reading in the prayer must be done in Arabic.

3. Getting used to using Arabic will affect logic, morality, and religion

Language can also be a person's identity. Someone who is accustomed to using Arabic will have a better logic, morals, and understanding of religion.

4. Resembling Friends and Tabiin

The Companions and Tabiin are people who use Arabic in their various communications. Getting used to using Arabic is also an effort to be able to approach friends and tabiin.

By using Arabic well, slowly - slowly we will be able to imitate the way of thinking, the way of religion, and also the noble character of the friends and also the tabiin.

5. Learning Arabic is Part of Religion

Learning Arabic is a part of religion. In one hadith, Umar RA. once said:

Learn Arabic because it is part of your religion. Learn the law of inheritance, it is also part of your religion!

6. To Better Understand Al-Quran and As-Sunnah

Al-Quran and as-Sunnah are two things that become inheritance and also guidance for every Muslim. These two instructions were revealed in Arabic. Therefore, understanding the Koran and as-Sunnah will be easier if you have a good understanding of Arabic.

One of the rules states that something that is obligatory and cannot be fulfilled except with it then is considered obligatory. A person can only understand the meaning in the Quran and Sunnah better if that person can understand Arabic. Meanwhile, every Muslim is obliged to learn and understand the Qur'an and Sunnah. Therefore, learning Arabic becomes also mandatory.

Abu Bakr bin Abi Syaibah narrated, Umar once wrote to Abu Musa:

Learn as-Sunnah and learn Arabic, as well as i'rablah Al-Quran. Remember the Quran in Arabic.

7. Make Someone Better in Speech

People who learn Arabic are said to be faqih in speech. A wide vocabulary in Arabic makes a person more able to express what he means well and straightforwardly.

In addition, Ibn Taimiyah also said that learning Arabic is to be more faqih in speech. While studying the Sunnah of the Prophet is done to be more faqih in practice. While in the deen consists of speech and practice.

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