6 Simple Ways to Improve Arabic Language Skills

6 Simple Ways to Improve Arabic Language Skills

Learning Arabic in this millennial era has become a necessity. Arabic is no longer an ancient language that is only learned by pesantren children to understand the yellow book. Arabic has become an international language other than English. Therefore, many of them pay a lot of money to master this foreign language. Especially for those who want to continue their studies abroad, many of them attend Arabic language training or courses at a fairly expensive cost.

There are many simpler but effective ways to improve Arabic language skills. Here are 6 simple ways that you can apply:

1. Read

The first way to hone your skills in Arabic is to read a lot of literature in Arabic. If you like to follow news or gossip about the celebrity world in newspapers and magazines, you can regularly read news from foreign websites. If you are a fan of novels or comics, try reading fiction novels and comics in Arabic. You can find a variety of ebooks that can be read anytime from the internet, at cheap or free prices, and don't cost a lot of money like if you have to buy Arabic books printed on paper.

It doesn't matter if at first, you find it difficult to understand what you read. No need to open a little dictionary. Keep reading until you understand more or less the outline of the news. Over time you will get used to the sentence structure and word choice. It only takes a few months to get used to this reading pattern.

2. Observe

What is meant by observing here is of course observing everything related to Arabic around you. Pay attention to the Arabic-language films you watch, and try to better appreciate the dialogue without glancing at the subtitles too often. Pay attention to the pronunciation, vocabulary, or use of certain phrases in the various contexts spoken by the actors and actresses in the film.

Visual observations like this will give you a better perception, so you will become proficient faster. Figuring out the meaning of the lyrics of your favorite songs will also help to increase your vocabulary in a fun way.

3. Write

After a lot of reading and observing, your understanding of Arabic will improve. But this still puts you in the category of passive Arabic users.

To further improve your skills, try to write in Arabic. You can train yourself by translating what you usually write in a diary or a review on a blog into Arabic.

It's okay if your grammar is still messed up. The important thing is that you can practice getting used to using a foreign language. Writing down vocabulary you've just learned is one of the best and easiest ways to memorize it. And by writing a series of sentences in English you will find it easier to evaluate your grammatical errors.

4. Practice Speaking

Good grammar is meaningless if you never practice it in conversation. Since the purpose of language is to communicate, you must learn to communicate your meaning orally in Arabic.

The key is to try to get the other person to understand what you are saying in Arabic first. Once you get used to conversing in Arabic, you will automatically learn to improve the grammar you use in speaking.

5. Utilizing Gadgets and Social Media

This is one of the easiest ways too to improve Arabic speaking skills. Take advantage of all the social media you have to learn Arabic. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account settings in Arabic.

Look for virtual friends who use Arabic in everyday life and interact with them often. Besides being able to make friends from different countries, interacting with them will allow you to learn new vocabulary.

6. Take Small Notes

If you come across new vocabulary that you don't know what it means or that you hear casually, it's a good idea to take small notes to help you remember it more easily and learn it again when you have time. This is not a difficult undertaking. You don't need to carry pencils and books everywhere. Just record it on the phone.

Those are 6 easy and simple ways that you can apply if you want to improve your Arabic skills.

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