Download the full translation of Jurumiyah English PDF

Download the full translation of Jurumiyah English PDF

The Book of Jurumiyyah contains the basic theory of Nahwu Science, one of the Arabic branches that discussed the changes in the last letter of the word which is a sign in a sentence, whether the word is positioned as a subject, predicate, object, or additional information.

Nahwu science must be learned for people who want to explore Islamic science whose main sources are the Qur'an and hadith who use Arabic, and Arabic cannot be well understood except by studying the nahwu knowledge. And Ibn Ajurum succeeded in summarizing while sorting the most important chapters and the rules of the Nahwu science in Jurumiyyah very well, so this book was Masyhur as a book that was easily understood and memorized for mubition (beginners). Even Ibn Al-Haji commented:

"Most people after learning to read the Qur'an, they learn Jurumiyyah. The benefits of Jurumiyyah can be a result in a short time."

Al-Ajurrumiyah or Jurumiyah (Arabic: الآجرومية) is a small book about Arabic grammar from the 7th century H / 13 M. This book was compiled by a Language expert from Morocco called Abu Abdillah Sidi Muhammad bin Ajurrum Ash-Shanhaji Ash-Shanhaji Ash-Shanhaji Ash-Shanhaji Ash (W . 1324 m). The basic formula of classical Arab lessons is written in rhythmic form to make it easier to memorize. In the Arab community this book is one of the initial books sent from the Qur'an.

Among the traditional Islamic boarding schools, the Book of Matan Al-Ajurrumiyyah is a textbook about Nahwu (Arabic Gramatika) which is very famous. Almost every santri that studies in traditional pesantren began lessons about Arabic through this book. This book is a standard book that is the basis of Arabic lessons. In practice in the world of pesantren, this book is often called Jurrumiyyah. Naming is not exactly the same as the original name of this book, because the full title of this book is Al-Muqaddimah al-Ajurrumiyyah Fi Mabadi 'ilm al-Arabiyyah.

Even though Al-Ajurrumiyyah was very famous among pesantren, but the author of the book itself was not too famous among pesantren. This is because in practice in pesantren, santri is often only disroded about the lessons contained in the book studied. Santri is rarely introduced by Kyai or Ustaz with the author of the book they learn. It is also natural because the kyai or ustaz itself does not always know who is really the author of the book.

As the name suggests, al-Ajurrumiyyah is indeed the Book of Muqaddimah (Introduction) about the Nahwu science written by Ibn Ajurrum while in Mecca. The contents are very simple and fundamental. For this reason, this book also needs to be given a deeper explanation when the santri wants to study the science of nahwu further. For this reason, this book was finally given a lot of explanations by many scholars, up to thirty explanatory books. This explanation will be used as a book with Al-Ajurrumiyyah. In Arabic literature, books containing an explanation of other books are called the term of the Book of Syarah.

In addition to being given an explanation or review, the Book of Al-Ajurrumiyyah was also summarized by other scholars to the Uyan Bait (Nazham). No fewer than four books containing temples sourced from the Book of Al-Ajururrumiyyah. The most famous string of temples written by Muhammad bin Abi al-Ghalaly, known as Ubaid Rabbih.

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